A.J Lefebvre

Complete Molar

I had a complete Molar Pregnancy in January of 2005.  DH and I had to wait a year to start trying again.   However I am lucky as there was no return in any tissue.  It has since been another year with no luck of getting pregnant.

Dh and I are currently waiting on information to see a fertility specialist.  I was told 1 in 1500 woman have molar preg. and they do not know what causes them or why they happen.  I have an immune disorder and have not yet found out if that contributed to the MP.

My doctor said the only way of knowing is if it happens again.  It has been a rough two years since the MP.  However I now see I am blessed to be cancer free.  I am not the 1 % of people the statistics say have to go through that aspect.

I am sorry to here of any that do.  With me I have already had this pain in seeing others who miscarried at the same time now with children.  I couldn`t imagine the strength you must have to go through that and more.

God be with you, faith is the only thing that keeps my chin up.

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