Complete Molar

I was diagnosed with a complete Molar Pregnancy in December 2004. Reading Meisha’s story brought back all the emotions of loss and frustration at having to wait to start a much longed for family.

My sister was at exactly the same stage of pregnancy as me so the torture of seeing her grow week by week was terrible, and then came the guilt of feeling jealous that her baby was growing and developing well.

I was diagnosed after bleeding at eleven weeks and then had to wait three days for a scan. We had never heard of a molar pregnancy before and as the sonographer was describing the condition to a hysterical me and hubby, he decided to pass out on me! Humour even in my hour of need! I had a D&C on New Year’s Eve 2004 and luckily they removed all the cells.

Even then the doctors weren’t convinced that it was a molar pregnancy. My hcg levels were normal for the stage of pregnancy, I hadn’t been sick, none of the common complaints related to molar pregnancy. However the results came back positive and it was a complete mole. We were devastated. It was the last thing we expected. All the information on the internet was completely factual but there was nothing about the emotions you go through or offering support to sufferers. This site is a fantastic idea.

I was lucky. I had to send samples to Sheffield weekly then fortnightly and then monthly and bloods once after that. Fortunately for me, the only subsequent problem was “The night of the big bleed.” Three months after the D&C I bled extremely heavily, passed out numerous times and ended up spending two nights in hospital.

By August when our baby should have been born, we were tired of waiting and being controlled by this thing that had happened to us so against the advice of everybody we decided to stop using birth control and “see what happened.” I got pregnant straight away. A nervous three weeks followed before I had a scan and we saw our baby for the first time. The relief was enormous and our risk had paid off. Kate was born in May 2006 and was worth all the pain and trauma.

During those in between times I would cry at the drop of a hat and was moody and unsociable. I finished sending samples in February of this year; until the next baby that is!

Sending love and luck to all those coping with a molar pregnancy.

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