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We are sorry but we are unable to answer any questions about molar pregnancy. For medical quesions there is contact information for the UK Trophoblastic Screening and Treatment Centres on the Contacts page.

You can usually find answers to your other questions on the Molar pregnancy support forum (see right).

Drop a Line

Weston Park Hospital –


(Screening , Treatment and follow-up)

Charing Cross Hospital –


(Screening , Treatment and follow-up)
  • Delia Short, Service Manager/Co-ordinator

    Xianne Aguiar, Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Lauren Jordan, Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Maxine Buckingham, Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Phone 0208 846 1409 (advisory helpline for patients and health professionals)

Ninewells Hospital & Medical School –

Dundee, Scotland

(Follow-up only)
  • Leigh Bowman, Clinical Co-ordinator

    Vicky Queen, Assistant Clinical Co-ordinator

    Dr Patrick Chien, Clinical Director

  • Phone 01382 632748

  • Email

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