If your employer does not pay you occupational (company) sick pay you could receive statutory sick pay (government). Following long periods of sick leave you may qualify for Incapacity Benefit. For further details please CLICK HERE (you will now be forwarded to another website)

If you have previously taken out critical illness insurance, it may be possible for you to claim against this for your molar pregnancy (you must be receiving treatment and not working). This could help you pay off your mortgage etc for a period of time. (Please consult with your own individual insurer)

You may also be able to have some help towards your commuting costs dependant on your income. The Cancer Support Centre in Sheffield will be able to advise you on this. Their telephone number is 0114 226 5391 and their website is www.cancersupportcentre.co.uk. In certain cases the Sheffield hospital can provide Medicar Transport. For information on support by the London treatment centre; please refer to the contacts page.

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