Anonymous – November 2015

Complete Molar

We had been trying for a baby for about 10 months. In October 2015 I was due to see a specialist about our problems conceiving when I did a pregnancy test and it was positive! I tried to get an early scan on the specialist’s advice but my local hospital would not do this. Over the next couple of weeks I felt extremely nauseous and tired but put this down to normal morning sickness as it was my first pregnancy and I didn’t know otherwise. I had two days holiday from work during which I had my initial booking in appointment and was booked in for a scan in a few weeks. I spent most of my two days holiday lying on the sofa struggling to do anything and feeling awful. The second day was bonfire night and, wanting to get out of the house, we went to a local bonfire. Walking home I felt a wetness and went straight to the bathroom when we got home to find a pool of blood. We went straight to A&E and waited to be seen. As it was a Friday night there were no scanning facilities. I was given a quick external examination and told to go home and come back on Monday morning for a scan.

We went back to hospital on the Monday and were told that things were looking good as my hcg taken on the Friday night was still high. However I then had a scan and was told there was no baby. We were devastated as, having had no pain at the time of the bleed and no further bleeding or pain over the weekend, I had thought everything might be ok.

I had to return to the hospital for a blood test on the Thursday and was called later that day to say my hcg had risen and I needed to go in for a further scan and blood test the following day and that I may need an operation. There was a small part of me that wondered if it was all a mistake and I was still pregnant. However, the scan showed there was no baby and I was told the signs were suggestive of a molar pregnancy. I was told that I needed to be admitted immediately for an emergency evacuation procedure that day. This was traumatic emotionally although not too bad physically and I went home the following day.

Over the next couple of weeks I continued to have bleeding and period type pain and my local hospital sent away the removed tissue for testing. I was told it was highly likely to have been a complete molar pregnancy and I was referred to Kam Singh/Professor Tidy at Weston Park Hospital for ongoing testing.

After a couple of weeks of urine testing my hcg started to marginally increase and I was moved onto blood tests as well. Around Christmas 2015 I started with more bleeding. I started 2016 determined that it would be a better year. On 3 January 2016 I was devastated to receive a call from Kam to say that over Christmas my hcg had soared and I would need to go in the following week, probably to start chemotherapy (Methotrexate) for 6 months as my GTD had progressed to GTN, and was told we would then have to wait a year after finishing chemotherapy to start trying to conceive again. I was already 32 and I wondered if we would ever be able to have children. Two days later I woke at 5am with bad period type pain and heavy blood loss which got worse and worse until I felt the need to call an ambulance. I was taken to A&E with heavy blood loss and also had lumps of tissue coming out. It was quite a scary time. My blood loss slowed as the day went on, my hcg was taken and had slightly decreased, therefore I was told for the time being I would not need chemotherapy.

My husband and I visited Kam the next week for a chat about my condition. It was hard to believe that after struggling to fall pregnant I had then ended up with such a rare type of pregnancy that I had never heard of, and only a few people I know had heard of.

I continued with weekly blood tests for a couple of months. It felt like I simply couldn’t move on or forget about it as I had to go for the weekly test and post the sample to Sheffield, then by the time I

got the results it was time to go for my next blood test. I was also doing urine tests at home. It was a constant waiting game. I saw my local gynaecologist who thought I may have polycystic ovary syndrome and was likely to need IVF to conceive, however as I had technically fallen pregnant I was unlikely to qualify for this on the NHS. I had been trying to be positive but remember feeling very down at this point. I was referred to a fertility consultant in order that she could assess me and advise on the best way forward and I had one appointment with her.

Finally my hcg dropped to the required level and my periods started again. The support of Kam, Annie and the team, together with the consultants we saw locally, was fantastic throughout our experience of molar pregnancy. The day of my next appointment with my fertility consultant my period was late and I was delighted to do a positive pregnancy test. I was so grateful that it had only taken one month of trying. It turned out that I probably did not have polycystic ovary syndrome and that I had probably had some kind of hormone imbalance the previous year which had caused our problems getting pregnant. This pregnancy was uncomplicated and I enjoyed it very much. We are now mummy and daddy to baby Edward, aged 6 months.

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