Partial Molar

It began October 16 at around 6wks pregnant. I woke up one morning to some red spotting I called my local surgery and booked an appointment they tested my urine  and found I had a uti i hoped that’s what had caused the spotting, they also booked me a scan at the epu. I went along for the scan the found a sac, yolk and what looked like the beginning of a fetal pole and was told to come back in 2wks. A week later morning sickness had started was kind of relieved I hoped it meant things were progressing nicely. Then more spotting I called epu and they agreed to see me for another scan. We went back the sac was bigger but still no baby. We had another scan booked a week later by this time the sickness was unbearable and I was spotting constantly. I could barely function I felt so sick. We had the scan and the doctor noticed the placental tissue looked abnormal. He explained it could be a partial molar pregnancy. We were so upset. I was booked in for an erpc the following week. I went for another scan the day before by this time the scan pic was just a mass of abnormal tissue, no sac, no baby. I was told My hormone levels were 200,000+ that’s why I had been feeling so unwell.

After the erpc the sickness subsided I was relieved to feel “normal” again. My surgeon explained they would be in touch when the lab results were back but she was 99% certain it was a partial molar pregnancy. I got a call from my surgeon two weeks later she confirmed it was a partial molar, I went in for bloods done and for her to explain what happens next. She was very please my levels were now down to 3000 two weeks post erpc. She explained I would hear from Sheffield GTD centre soon and would commence urine samples until my levels returned to normal. Usually within a couple of months.

I got my first sample kit the following week and sent it off got my results back but had nothing to compare it to. I sent the next sample a fortnight later, waited for the result,  my level had gone up. I was so scared, why was it going up? Sheffield requested weekly samples. The next result I got was a small increase too. It was all I could think about. Why isn’t it coming down? Am I going to get cancer? Sheffield requested I send some bloods. I awaited the result it had jumped to 4300. I was petrified. Luckily the next result I got was the week before Christmas it had dropped 2300! I was relieved. From then on the results continued to drop. Some weeks it was very slow, I couldn’t settle, I just wanted this experience to be over as quick as possible. I was in limbo I felt I couldn’t move on until I was negative. Reading stories online that people has got to negative in a few weeks only made me jealous and worried. Why was I different? The team at Sheffield were amazing they were always there to listen and explained we are all different and some people just take longer to get to negative. I thought I was in for a long journey nearly 5 months of urine and bloods and I still not negative. One of the last results I had my level had dropped from 1100 to 6 in 3 weeks! I was practically negative(4).  I was so relieved. Just happy to finally see the end in sight.  I had one more test and they discharged me in April 2017. This had been the worst experience of my life, I had time off work I was so low. Looking back now it was just a blip but at the time it was horrendous the worry, the unknown, not being in control of my body. But 3 months on I feel like a different person. And looking forward to the future.

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