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Complete Molar

I am 31 and have a daughter of 2 and a half, whom I conceived and carried to term with no problem at all. In August last year I had a miscarriage at 7.5 weeks.

I got pregnant again over Christmas and was delighted. I had very slight bleeding at 7.5 weeks and decided to got to A&E to get it checked. Alas at that scan and at a few others, they could not see a gestational sac but a small mass which they at first thought was a fibroid.

As the scans were inconclusive they started monitoring my hCG levels, and found that they went up from 18,000 to 20,000 in 2 days. They called me back in straight away for a D&C on 8 February fearing it might be an ectopic pregnancy they could not detect, or a missed miscarriage. The first mention of molar was post D&C, when what they took out did not look like a normal sac. I then had to wait 2 weeks before I got the diagnosis of a CMP.

In those 10 days they were still telling me it was highly unlikely to be a molar, and that if it was it would a PMP as some pregnancy tissue was present (pregnancy tissue yes, but not fetal. how can a major hospital get it so wrong?).

SO when the verdict fell I was in total shock. I was referred to Charing Cross Hospital for follow-up. Luckily my numbers dropped very quickly and I hit negative in under 6 weeks. Still, each week, waiting for the numbers, I was a nervous wreck. I am now onto monthly urine checks and cleared to try again in August, if I stay under 5 of course. After 15 months of trying, two major disappointments, and the scary experience of being a medical rarity, I really hope I will have a second child soon.

On some days I am hopeful and confident this was just a difficult episode which I will learn and move on from, on others I still get angry and bitter than I was unlucky enough to have this rare disease, which will continue to dominate my life for a few months.

Roll on August.

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