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Complete Molar

I fell pregnant in June 2015 with my first pregnancy, I had got married the previous year so this was the best thing that could of happened my fairy tale ending, we had to have a scan July 10th due to some issue, which resulted in being told we were having a miscarriage……. my world fell apart that day.

I had a D&C on July 29th and was preparing for the long road of emotional recovery, little did I know there more of a journey to come. I had a call from the hospital about a week later out of the blue at work trying to explain the tests carried out post op have suggested I have had a molar pregnancy and I will get a test through the post just follow instructions and worse case senarior this may result in cancer injections….. I had no idea what this meant and for the second time my world fell apart.
I went home in tears of panic and started to trawl the internet to find out what was wrong with me as I’d never heard of a molar pregnancy.
I was in turmoil so I spoke to Sheffield Hospital who I was told would deal with my case….They were fabulous, Kam talked me through everything and said in the worst case scenario I would possibly have to have Chemo but let’s just see if my body sorted it first, unfortunately my first results were raised and I had to start on weeks and weeks of blood tests to see if levels went up or down…….my levels continue to climb & fluctuate and I was admitted to Sheffield for the first time but due to an overnight blood loss my levels came down slightly and was sent home back on testing.
My levels started to raise again and all of this took a toll on me physically & emotionally but the support from Sheffield Hospital, my husband & my family was amazing….
Unfortunately I was in the very small percentage that my levels wouldn’t fall and I finally went into Sheffield and had my first round of chemo start on November the 5th I remember watching the fireworks from the hospital roof with my Husband who was my rock throughout this, it’s a bonfire night we’ll never forget.
I went on to have 6 rounds of Chemo via injection which was 4 injections every other day with a week off in between, I had my last injection on 27th of Jan 2016 with blood and then urine follow ups for the rest of my life.
I am now 18 months post chemo and am in a place where I am now looking back on everything as a life experience that although harrowing at the time, it’s an experience you can get through and recover from.
I did fall pregnant again approx. 6 months after finishing treatment which resulted in another miscarriage but I have no reason to believe this was anything to do with my molar or chemo but just simply not meant to be.

Writing this and looking back now has made me reflect on how this experience affected me, I know now never take anything or anyone for granted and it’s made the bond with my husband and family so much stronger….. although it’s a time in my life I will certainly never forget, it is also a time I can reflect on and know if I can get through all that, I can get through anything!
Emma Charnley

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