Complete Molar

I had been trying for a baby for eight months with no luck.  In January 2007 I started to have very sore breasts and after having a light period two weeks before, started to think could I be pregnant?  After several pregnancy tests and a visit to the doctor, to my delight it was confirmed that I was about seven weeks gone.

All was well for about two weeks and then I started to bleed lightly.  I called the doctor and midwife and was bluntly told to wait over the weekend and what will be, will be.  I gave it the weekend and the bleeding hadn’t stopped.  Fortunately my Sister is an A&E nurse and booked me in directly to the Early Pregnancy Clinic for a scan on the Monday.  This showed a gestation sac that only looked six weeks.  The doctor said to give it a week and she would scan and measure it again to make a decision.

The following week the scan showed that the gestation sac had doubled in size, but my relief was shortened when she said that the sac was empty.  She booked me in the following day for a D&C and mentioned that a routine check for a Molar Pregnancy would be performed. I was devastated, but made the decision to go back to work and try again fairly quickly.

As soon as I made that decision, I was called two weeks later and asked to go back to hospital urgently.  I had already guessed that it would be a Molar Pregnancy but was not prepared for the lack of support that I would receive.  I was referred to a different doctor who was very vague and I had to ask all the questions to get the answers, he never even told me it was a complete mole until I asked.  His passing comment as I walked out the door was ‘Don’t do anything stupid like slitting your wrists’ – as you can imagine, I was not amused.  Within a month, I was pregnant, was told to have a D&C, informed of a molar pregnancy and his comment just topped it off!

I was referred to Charing Cross Hospital and initially had weekly blood and urine tests done through the post.  My levels soon dropped and the tests reduced to monthly urines.  My last test is 2nd August 07, but I’m more than confident I will be fine and there is no tissue remaining.

I had great support from my partner and my family, but I felt that was where the support ended.  I never heard from the doctor again, all I have done is the tests.  The internet was great for investigating molar pregnancies but I felt abandoned by the medical professionals.

I cried for the first four months, but I’m happier now and am really looking forward for the go ahead to start trying again and putting this all behind me.

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