I’m 24, after what I thought was a normal miscarriage at ten weeks, I was very shocked when they told me I had had a molar pregnancy, I was given a D&C  in July 2006 and was told that everything was fine, so me and my partner went away on holidays to get over the traumatic experience.

Whilst in Egypt I started to have a heavy bleed again and was rushed into hospital to be told that unfortunately the surgery had not worked and my placenta was still growing and had turned into tumours.

On my return to England I suffered another massive bleed and was taken to hospital again and sent to Charing Cross Hospital where they told me the tumours were cancerous, but not to worry as it was curable and not like other cancers. Not that that helped! That day was a complete blur and all that I had taken in was the word cancer and kept thinking the worst! They told me my hcg level were 36,000 when it should only be between 0 and 4 and that I would have to have chemo, starting with the low dosage which was an intra-muscular injection every other day for 6 weeks, I stayed in Charing Cross for the first week then was allowed home to carry on the rest of my treatment.

After six weeks my hcg levels had lowered but not enough and I was told I would have to have the higher dose through a drip. When I was told this it completely devastated me, as I know that meant my hair would fall out.

At the time I had lovely long hair almost to my bottom! So, I had it cut into a bob. Everything was fine for the first three months, the hair lose was very minimal and I could get a way with it, but all of a sudden the hair loss was a lot more. I remember sitting in my lounge pulling my hair out in floods of tears. Losing my hair was definitely the hardest part of it all, my boyfriend bless him shaved my hair off for me and I started wearing a headscarf.

On Dec 15th 2006 I was given the great news that I was in the all clear and did not need anymore chemo, I can’t ever remember being so happy!

Its now July and its been seven months, I have now finished my follow up blood tests and now just have to have urine samples for the rest of my life and only have to wait till dec to get PG. I will say that the last year has been a rollercoaster with big highs and even bigger lows! But hopefully I will never have to through this again.

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